Restored building

Original building before moving it to new location. Photo by Morrison Architecture Studio.

Restored building



We're proud to have been part of this historic restoration project. This 149 year‑old commercial building was moved several blocks from W. Main/Bassett St to Proudfit St. The building, referred to as the Lannon-Hill Home & Store had served as a family residence, grocery store, hotel, pizza parlor and liquor store. Most recently it’s been home to a florist shop on main level with apartments upstairs. The building has now been restored and transformed into a professionally-managed upscale two-bedroom single family home to be rented.

The restoration included a new building foundation, windows, roof, and masonry repairs. The 1,200 sq ft interior was extensively remodeled with upscale finish detail.


Design:  Jacob Morrison, MoTiS Architecture

Photography:    Cindy Hammer, Bluestone Custom Homes
                      Before Photos by Jacob Morrison


Lannon-Hill Home & Store


Madison, WI